Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Foundation Review…


I have been watching Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup tutorials on youtube for a few years now, so I was excited when I was able to purchase my first item of her makeup collection from her Covent Garden store in December.

The item that I purchased from the Charlotte Tilbury shop was the “Light Wonder Foundation” in the colour 5 Medium (£32). The woman working in the shop briefly tested the colour on me and claimed that it matched perfectly, however now when I apply it I can easily say that this colour is way too dark and orange for my light skin tone. I think the lighting within the shop was perhaps too dark and I personally feel that makeup shops should have reliable lighting in order to choose the correct colours. Although the colour is too dark for me I still continue to wear it, albeit mainly at night to avoid strange looks and the consistency and application of the product is flawless. It leaves a beautiful glowing, dewy effect on the skin (which I love), however as it is a lighter coverage in comparison to Charlotte Tilbury’s “Magic Foundation”, you do need apply a couple of layers in order to get a fuller coverage. Overall, I absolutely adore this foundation and will definitely purchase again, maybe just in a lighter colour.

Shortly after purchasing the foundation, I received Charlotte Tilbury’s “Mini Lipstick Charms” (£29) as a Christmas gift as this makeup line was probably all I talked about in the run-up to Christmas. This trio contains miniatures of Charlotte Tilbury’s “K.I.S.S.I.N.G” lipstick range and are packaged in Tilbury’s beautiful signature rose gold. The three colours within the pack are “So Marilyn” (the red on the far left in the picture above), “Bitch Perfect”(the nude colour in the middle in the image above) and “Penelope Pink” (a pinky lighter nude on the far right). I usually use matte lipsticks so this collection was a nice change as they give a more smooth and glossy finish, however as expected, reapplication is needed a lot more frequently than with a matte lipstick. Every single colour is beautiful and glides on like a dream, however I feel that £29 for this set of miniatures (or £23 for one single lipstick) is way too overpriced for what this is and there are many more lipsticks on the market of the same quality for a fraction of the price.

All in all, I feel that the foundation is great value for money, as I would usually spend approximately £40 on a foundation, but the lipsticks are just way too overpriced, although beautiful. The next item I would like to try would be the “Magic Foundation”, as I feel that foundations may be Charlotte Tilbury’s strong point and after being so impressed with the “Light Wonder Foundation”, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.


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