Feel Unique “Pamper Me” Beauty Box…


If you have read my blog before, you will have seen that I have a Birchbox subscription and that I love receiving my monthly box of surprises and apparently my mum knows how much I love them too so she bought me this gorgeous “Pamper Me” Beauty Box from Feel Unique. Feel Unique seem to have jumped onto the beauty product box bandwagon, including boxes on their website ranging from the “Treat Yourself” beauty box containing a bath oil and candle to the “Perfect Thank You” beauty box including a candle and hand cream. The box that I received costs £18, but the items within come to a value of £60, so it is great value for money. My box contained five different pampering beauty products including the ‘Balance Me’ Super Toning Polish, ‘Jurlique’ Rosewater Balancing Mist, ‘Rituals’ Miracle Balm Ultra Softening Hand Balm, ‘Comfort Zone’ Tranquility Blend and ‘Aromatherapy Associates’ Renewing Rose Body Cream.

‘Balance Me’ Super Toning Polish

This product is a body exfoliant that claims to “boost circulation and improve skin tone”and it supposedly tones your body without exercise. This body polish is 99% natural and is scented by the juniper, geranium, lavender and bergamot oils that is contains, leaving skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful. This is a lovely, gentle exfoliant and will be great when summer comes around, as this seems to be the time that I feel the need for exfoliants the most.

‘Jurlique’ Rosewater Balancing Mist

This is another product that I will use more of in the summer as a hydrating mist perfect for when on holiday. This is a hydrating mist that is recommended for use after a long day at the office (which I currently do not have), post workout (not much of that happening either) or as a “revitalizing travel companion”. I absolutely adore anything rose scented so this will be perfect either when on the plane/post-flight as my skin and lips tend to get really dehydrated when in the air, or as a refresher when lying in the sun. To use, you just spray a couple times onto the face and gently press it into your skin and wait for it to settle. This is also lovely to give a dewy effect either before or after applying makeup.

‘Rituals’ Miracle Balm Ultra Softening Hand Balm

Rituals is a brand that is regularly included in Birchbox, however I have never personally received anything by the brand, although I have wanted to try out the foaming shower gel for a long time. I am not disappointed at all by this brand and this White Lotus and Ginkgo Biloba scented hand balm is out of this world. It is definitely not a hand cream and I would recommend probably only using this before you go to sleep as the product does stay on the skin for a while, leaving quite a sticky and somewhat unpleasant texture, but the result is magical and produces the softest results. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that struggles with dry hands, it will resolve all of your problems!

‘Comfort Zone’ Tranquility Blend

This product is the one that I was the most unsure about when i got the box, however it is the product that I have used the most since. It took me a while to work out what this product’s purpose is as the descriptions are quite ambiguous, however from what I gather it is an oil scented with rosewood, vanilla and cedar that is applied to the “pulse points” (I apply to my neck and wrists) before bed to endure a tranquil sleep. I don’t really have much of a problem sleeping at the moment, which is a nice change, but I do love applying this as the smell is incredibly comforting and I usually apply perfume after my bath before bed, so this product have replaced that.

‘Aromatherapy Associates’ Renewing Rose Body Cream

Finally, Aromatherapy Associates is another brand that I have wanted to try out for a while but have never gotten around to it. This is a gorgeous rose scented body cream and it smells AMAZING. I have only used this briefly on my arms to test the product out but I do not want to use it now because the size is perfect for travelling at 40 ml, so I would rather save it for when I go to Amsterdam next week. From what I have experienced, the products is extremely moisturizing and leaves skin smelling and feeling great.


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