Marie Claire Giveaway, Benefit’s New ‘Ready, Set, Brow!’…


Last month Elle gave readers the Benefit ‘Goof Proof’ brow pencils, which I have since been addicted to and used every single day, so when I saw that Marie Claire were giving away an invisible eyebrow gel (the very product I having been looking to buy), I snapped it up immediately. Marie Claire retails at £3.99, so for that price you are also receiving a near full sized benefit product that would retail for nearly five times that amount. I have been using this product constantly as I’ve felt that my Model Co. brow gel was too pigmented and looked almost as if I was painting my brows, however this invisible gel shows your real brow colour through it and the result is a lot more natural.


One thing that I did find really odd about this product is the spoolie, which unlike other brow gel spoolies, is a hard one with bristles that don’t continue the whole way around, rather just on two of the sides. This has taken some getting used to as I feel like a softer spoolie gives off a softer effect. I have found myself using the spoolie from my Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Definer’ on top of this, but I will probably give that up once I have become more accustomed to this brush.

Overall, I am really happy with this product, my eyebrows do not move all day and the transparent gel really proves for a more natural look. I would definitely recommend buying this month’s issue of Marie Claire to get this amazing product at a discounted price.



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