Clarins Daily Energizer Range…


I have had absolutely no time to do any posts lately, as I have been non-stop for the past few months and this is the first weekend I have had at home in longer than I can remember. The last skincare regime that I shared was Liz Earle, however as you would know if you have read my past posts, this really did not work for me and it seemed to make my skin breakout due to the moisturising nature of the cleanser. I have since been using the Clarins Daily Energizer range for the past couple of months and it has definitely had a major impact on my skin and really changed it for the better. This range specifically targets younger women in their twenties and therefore provides solutions to the skin problems that we encounter.

The first product in the range that I have been using is the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel. This product is so amazing and at only £13.50 for 75ml, this is a steal in relation to other Clarins products. This is a foaming gel cleanser and therefore the opposite of creamy moisturising Liz Earle cleanser, which I felt was the source of my bad skin. As this is a gel cleanser, it leaves skin dry after use and feeling a bit tight – whilst a lot of people dislike this in a cleanser, I really love it as it makes my skin feel so clean and it really feels like there is not a single bit of dirt left on my face. The ultimate positive of this cleanser is the fact that it makeup comes off so easily, so easily that even a full face of makeup is gone (without panda eyes) upon the first cleanse, leaving me not needing a second as I usually would with most other cleansers.

Next is the Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster, which is ultimately a toner and is applied after cleansing by applying with a cotton pad all over the face. Using this after my cleanser remedies the tightness and the dryness by rehydrating the skin and bringing it back to life with it’s green coffee and white tea extracts, which wake up the skin (as the name suggests). Toner for me is a really luxurious step in my skin regime and probably the part I most look forward to and this product in particular smells and feels great. This toner retails at £18, which really isn’t bad in comparison to other high end toners.

Finally, the star of the show as always… the Daily Energizer Cream. This moisturiser is everything! The texture is thick, without leaving your skin oily and shiny, it smells expensive and luxurious when it actually only costs £21, I go the entire day without my skin drying out or feeling oily, makeup glides on like a dream so there is no need for a primer… The list goes on and on, but the most important positive for me is the fact that this moisturiser does not make me break out! I still have a few blemishes here and there but as a whole, this skin regime has really settled the breakouts that I have been experiencing and I finally feel like my skin is on the road to recovery.

I highly recommend this range to younger women as it really does leave the skin feeling amazing without breaking the bank! I am coming to the end of these products with only a couple uses left in each but I would buy these all again in a heartbeat and I probably will, however I am going to move on to trying Elemental Herbology and will give you all an update on how that goes in a month or so!


Beauty Haul…


Chanel ‘Soleil Tan De Chanel’

This product claims to be a “bronzing makeup base”, however I got this product to use as a cream bronzer/contour. This bronzer has a gorgeous velvet mousse/cream consistency, which leaves a more natural and softer finish. I apply this using a Real Techniques buffing brush and use underneath my cheekbones and on my forehead as a contour. This is such a beautiful product and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Bobbi Brown ‘Shimmer Brick Compact’

This shimmer brick comes in a beautiful compact with a very useful mirror. I use this product as a highlighter and got it in the shade “beige”, as this creates a bit more of a darker highlight – perfect for when you have a tan. The shades within this compact range from a light white shade down to a darker brown/bronze shade so it is versatile in terms of the colour highlight you would like to achieve. I have wanted this product for over 6 months now, so I am extremely happy to have added it to my collection.

Nars ‘Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer”

I have always been comfortable with my skin and I usually go day to day without applying any makeup onto my skin, however recently my skin has been getting gradually worse and I found myself using my foundation every day. I decided that I probably need to invest in a tinted moisturizer in order to save my foundation, as well as to not apply such a heavy product on a daily basis. After comparing this tinted moisturizer with both the Laura Mercier one and one from bareMinerals, this definitely came up trumps. It has such a full coverage for a tinted moisturizer and also has such a radiant glow – as the name may suggest. Not only that, but people have been commenting on how good my skin looks without even realising that I am wearing anything on it. This is probably my best investment this year so far. The shade of this product is “Light 3 – Groenland”.

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Definer’

I have been using the same palette of Benefit brow zings for about 3 years now and I decided as this one has run out, to try a new product. I have been recommended Anastasia Beverly Hills so many times and have even bought the brow wiz for someone as a birthday present, which they were extremely happy with. So I decided to get the new brow definer, which are similar to the brow products from both Tom Ford and Hourglass, but a bit cheaper. I have this product in the shade “taupe”, as although I have dark brown hair and almost black eyebrows, I don’t like my eyebrows being overpowering and this light shade fills them in without it looking drawn on. This is my first time using a pencil-type product for my eyebrows so I am still getting used to it, but so far so good. I do, however, want to invest in the dipbrow pomade, as I think I still prefer using a brush.

Clarins ‘Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil’

I have quite big lips and they are constantly dry and cracked, no matter how much I apply lip balm. I saw this lip oil and thought that it may be a bit more nourishing and longer lasting. On first impressions, the product is more of a sticky gloss consistency rather than an oil, however it plumps up my lips making them look bigger (which I love) and also leaves them nourished and moisturised for longer than any of my lip balms.

bareMinerals ‘Prime Time’

I have a problem with my eyeshadow staying on all day and find that the product tends to move and my lids become oily. This stuff has changed my life! It is an eyelid primer that creates a smooth surface to apply my eyeshadow on top of and once the shadow is applied, there is no moving it. The product stays on all day/night and looks perfectly matte. I even have to work extra hard to get the product off, with it still feeling matte and dry when covered with water. Great product that I would recommend to anyone!