Thickening and Volumising Solutions For Fine Hair…

I am lucky to have long and silky hair, however it is also extremely fine and therefore has a tendency to just hang there limp and lifeless. I have tried getting layers cut in, I have tried rollers, mousse, you name it but nothing ever works and due to my hair length curls drop out within minutes. Then, within the space of a year I found three different products that have remedied this issue: the Color Wow Carb CocktailPhilip Kingsley Plumping Cream and Color Wow’s Raise The Root.


The Color Wow Carb Cocktail is a bionic tonic leave-in supplement that binds cellulose, oat bran and corn starch (carbs) to hair strands to thicken when blow dried and heat activated. I apply a small amount – about the size of a two pound coin – into my hands and then onto damp, towel dried hair that has been brushed through, making sure to focus the product on the ends and mid-lengths of the hair rather than the roots. I then brush through to ensure even distribution and then blow dry as I usually would, making sure to dry upside down too in order to ensure extra volume. This bionic cocktail really does an incredible job and thickens my hair to almost twice it’s size, just make sure to brush thoroughly as sometimes it can get a bit crazy. I would also recommend using a serum like Color Wow’s One Minute Transformation, as the Cocktail can leave hair looking quite dry.

The Philip Kingsley Plumping Cream is very similar to the Color Wow Cocktail in the sense that it is applied the same way, with the same amount needed and it also contains a wheat protein, which I guess acts similarly to the carb complex in the Cocktail to thicken individual hair strands. The main difference, however, is that the Plumping Cream acts as a serum too, ensuring a smoother and softer finish to that of the sometimes unruly and drying results of the Cocktail, whilst still reaching nearly the same volume. This is my current go-to product due to the fact that it is less hassle, however the Cocktail does still leave a bigger and longer lasting effect.

Color Wow’s Raise The Root is a ‘thicken and lift spray’ to give lift and fullness to limp, flat hair. Raise The Root contains flexible resins that form a thickening “spring” around strands to ensure volume and staying power. I use this with both of the products previously mentioned to add volume to the roots where they give thickness to the body by spraying on damp hair – concentrating mainly on the roots and then blow drying.

All of these products are great solutions for lifeless locks and really have saved my bad hair days. I would recommend the Color Wow Carb Cocktail for hair that needs extreme volume as this definitely does the better job but for just a bit of extra fullness I would go for the Plumping Cream as it leaves hair looking silkier and smoother.