Molecule 01, The Ultimate Minimalist Fragrance…


Escentric Molecules has fast become my new favourite perfumery brand due to the boundaries that they push in fragrance. If you are unaware of Escentric Molecules, they base each fragrance on a single aroma-molecule and create two separate fragrances from it; the Molecule scent will always contain just that single aroma-molecule and nothing else, whereas the Escentric scent will add extra ingredients to the molecule to further enhance the fragrance, this leads to the 4 different pairings – Molecule 01, Escentric 01, Molecule 02, Escentric 02, Molecule 03, Escentric 03 and most recently Molecule 04 and Escentric 04. Each pairing will smell very similar but Escentric will always be more complex and enhanced than the Molecule. Another way in which Escentric Molecules is revolutionising the perfume industry is through their fragrances being gender neutral, allowing them to be worn by both men and women.

Molecule 01 is the original and probably the brand’s most prolific fragrance, made up entirely of the aroma-molecule Iso E-Super, a synthetic molecule. It is the ultimate in minimalist fragrance, with Escentric Molecules describing it as containing an almost “hyper-modern cedarwood note”. I have found myself unaware of the scent after a few minutes, however the aroma will still be apparent to hours, with people stopping me in restaurants to ask what perfume I am wearing even 6 hours after I have sprayed it; I have never experienced this with another fragrance.

If you haven’t had a chance to try this fragrance (or any of the others from the range), get yourself down to Liberty London and take a whiff, I guarantee you will fall in love like I have! With the 30ml bottles costing £30 and 100ml £69, this perfume is not one to break the bank either!